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Well Written Services

Whether simple or complex, your manuscripts, abstracts and posters, grants, and presentations will benefit greatly from editorial review. We offer various levels of editing to meet your needs, from simple grammatical correction, to English-language assistance for non-native English speakers, to in-depth editing for logic and flow. Also, we can create illustrations and figures for your manuscript and PowerPoint-based presentations and scientific posters.

Our services extend to non-scientific manuscripts and presentations as well.

Editing Services

Scientific and General Editing

We use Microsoft Word and its "track changes" feature for all editing. This approach allows you to see everything that was changed and to accept or reject edits. Explanations of edits and queries to you will be marked as such with bold font and brackets.

We want to ensure that you, as the author and responsible party, maintain control of the ultimate content of your manuscript. If the meaning of a passage is unclear, we will make our best attempt to revise and we will ask you to verify that your meaning was retained; we may offer one or two alternatives. We will work with you to resolve any question or concern about any edit we have suggested.

Note that complex documents may require more than one revision cycle.

Editing occurs on several levels, according to your preferences.

Basic Editing

  • Correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, syntax
  • Cross-checking of numbers and results to ensure consistency among text, tables, and abstracts within the manuscript
  • Correcting formatting inconsistencies -- capitalization, symbols, hyphenation, heading style, reference style (not including formatting for a specific journal or publisher), numeric representations; appropriate use of abbreviations and acronyms
  • Minor rewriting, as necessary

Substantive Editing (sample)

  • Smoothing language, improving the flow of sentences and paragraphs
  • Restructuring or reorganizing text for completeness, flow and logic, if necessary
  • Clarifying or querying the meaning of unclear or inconsistent passages
  • Ensuring that every method had a result, every result is discussed
  • Includes Basic Editing services

Conforming to Journal or Publisher Requirements

Journals and publishers require that submitted manuscripts be formatted to their own particular standards. These can (and are likely to) vary from one journal to the next and one publisher to the next. Our specific formatting services will conform your manuscript to the style of your targeted journal or publisher, including required manuscript organization, word limits, heading styles, numeric styles, reference style, and other special instructions as required.

For scientific articles: if no target journal has been specified, we will conform to American Medical Association (AMA) style.

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English-Language Editing

English-Language Editing

Because papers with poor English rarely make it past the peer review process, we highly recommend English-language editing for authors whose first language is not English. We will conform your text to natural English expression and spelling (sample), which will improve your chances of acceptance in English-language journals. In fact, many journals strongly suggest that you employ the services of a native English-speaking editor before submitting your manuscript, because correcting for grammar, sentence structure, etc. is beyond the scope of the peer review process.

We have more than 10 years’ experience providing English-language editing for scientist researchers from China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Russia, France, Italy, the Philippines, and India.

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Illustration Services


Journals and other publishers typically require figures to be submitted in vector formats such as .eps or .ai (native-format Adobe Illustrator). And, statistical programs don't always output the most pleasing-looking graphs. We can use your sketch or an electronic file, such as output from a statistical software program, to create publisher-ready non-photographic figures. See samples and selected publications for examples of our illustration work.

Presentation Services


A good-looking, clearly articulated presentation enhances your credibility and helps to retain your audience's interest. Our presentation services include both PowerPoint slide editing and slide template design, along with scientific poster design.

  • Slide editing includes basic editing as describe above, plus visual editing to address such problems as crowded text, inconsistent placement of text or figures, color inconsistencies, etc. PowerPoint does not allow for changed to be tracked; instead, we will use comment notes to highlight places where changes occurred.
  • We will work with you to create customized PowerPoint templates using your own (or your company’s) images, photographs, logos, design elements, color schemes, and so on. See samples.
  • Professionally styled scientific posters can be created from your Word text file and your supplied figures and tables. We can also recreate your figures if necessary to achieve a clear, professional look. See samples.
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